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What are the biggest lottery jackpots in the world?

For all you big jackpot destroyers which I am sure that you often have asked yourself the question: which lottery has provided the greatest return in terms of a single jackpot?

Has the popular American lottery: Mega Millions, Powerball and Super Lotto Plus led the way or are there smaller lotteries that has surprised everyone with a big win?

A list of lottery interested

A new lottery news story about List Top 24 Jackpot wins of all time from around the world. The list will not be a surprise to lottery interested out there when all the biggest jackpots from around the world on this comprehensive list.

American lottery results list

The top eight positions on the list is occupied by the two major inter-state lotteries from the U.S., Mega Millions and Powerball! The world's largest annuity jackpot ever won was $ 390 million in Mega Millions. The largest jackpot won by one person (no more ticket gains or profits syndicate) was a jackpot amount of $ 340 million in Powerball.

Large euro lottery jackpot

The largest ever non-American jackpot profit was € 183.5 million on EuroMillions. The prize was shared between three ticket holders. After Euromillions is the Italian SuperEnaLotto with a massive jackpot of € 177,700,000. The award was unfortunately divided between seventy.

Other big jackpots

Other countries and lotteries that have produced large lottery jackpots are the British National Lottery (£ 42 million jackpot), the German national lottery (€ 37,600,000), Grand Lotto 6 / 55 (Asia's biggest prize - € 13 million), the Brazil Mega Sena Lottery (R $ 145 million - South America's largest jackpot) and the Australian Oz Lotto (AUS $ 106 million - was shared by two people).

Buy lottery tickets and take the chance

Many of the above winning amount seems unreal. Jackpots can be unbelievable, but amazingly enough it's true - real people win real money! What lottery winners do with the cash after their big jackpot win is another matter but one thing is clear, you must attend to win.

You can participate by going to and get your vouchers to many of the above lottery Mega Millions, Powerball, SuperEnaLotto, Euromillions, UK National Lottery, Oz Lotto and other major lotteries like El Gordo, France Loto, Super Lotto Plus and the Australian Powerball.

Is there such a thing as a small jackpot?

Some lotteries are living their lives very much in focus! With huge jackpots are the darlings of the international lottery community.

Irresistible jackpot sizes

It is hard to resist a jackpot that sits on 100 million euros, or how about an American super-sized Mega Millions jackpot of $ 300 million? With such huge jackpots on offer it is no wonder that these lotteries are so difficult to ignore.

But all lotteries can not be a Euromillions or Mega Millions! And some Lotto is excited to never become an American Powerball, Super Lotto Plus or even an Italian SuperEnaLotto!

Not the greatest, but definitely big enough!

There are a few "among major" contenders to the crown. A closer look reveals a series of lotteries that never passes 100 million value, but that often gives a fairly significant amount of the jackpot offers. UKLottery, is actually one of the most popular lotteries in the world with its 6 / 49 format, and has climbed to 42 million GBP. Not bad at all!

And the two lotteries from Down Under in Australia, Australian Oz Lotto and Powerball both quietly reached some very substantial jackpot sizes themselves. Oz Lotto with his biggest jackpot to date, which sits at 68 million pounds and Australian Powerball comes in at slightly less with a maximum jackpot of 51 million pounds!

smaller jackpots easier to win?

So if these three lotteries continue to make big waves in the spotlight, which is the smaller, "Camera Shy" lotteries? Those who are content to live a quiet life in the region of only a few million pounds?

El Gordo Lottery (Gordo de la Primitiva)

Starting with a minimum amount of EUR 5 million, El Gordo jackpot continues to roll until it is won! The highest jackpot won so far is a very respectable 25 million.

In addition to the Jackpot prize are eight other levels of prizes to be won in the Sunday El Gordo draw!

France Loto

Still on the European continent, we move to France, where France Loto (locally known as "Loto Francaise") gives players the chance to win substantial amounts of cash! France Loto Jackpot starts at 2 million and roll over more than 34 times before it must be won. The biggest jackpot to date was 18 million!

So here we have two lotteries that are very large in their local countries, and is content to let the other major lotteries steal the international limelight.

Interesting facts about the UK Lotto

Welcome to the wonderful world of the British National Lottery, currently one of the largest lotteries in Europe.

With the average jackpot prizes between £ 2 million and £ 3 million pounds offered twice a week is UK Lottery really a hot topic, and like most things worth talking about, we can not get enough of it.

Unclaimed Prices Lottery

One of the greatest tragedies in the lottery world must surely be someone who has won the jackpot, but do not know about it! This may be due to a lost or stolen ticket, or from simple ignorance, where winners are not aware that they have won a prize! UK Lottery has unclaimed awards totaling over 426 million pounds sterling.

Winners have 180 days from the date of their win to claim their prizes or they will disappear forever. Currently, there are still 34 million pounds of unclaimed benefits that can still be requested.

How much has UKLottery given away

UK National Lottery is in the business of giving. It is not only a great way to raise money for needy charities, but of course, and possibly even more important for his players, it makes some lucky people very, very rich. UK Lottery creates 01:59 jackpot winners per week and over a million less price-level winners every week. Total value of prizes given away so far has reached the fantastic sum of £ 16.6 trillion pounds.

Let's talk about lottery jackpots

This is really the important thing, right? How much "big money" has been won? Well, we must first divide it into jackpots have been won by one person and jackpots have been won by several players (and thus split).

The biggest win to date that has been won by one person is £ 28 million. Obviously, this was won in a rollover draw! The highest total jackpot was £ 42 million from the pull-January 6, 1996. This was shared by three ticket holders. There is always unfortunate to have to share your winnings but let's be honest: One-third of the £ 42 million is still a fantastic salary day!

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